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Fixing System Overload in Logic Pro X (4 Solutions)

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Choose the best sample rate for your project Projects with higher sample rates create larger audio files, which can increase the load on the CPU and disk. Configure your system Follow these guidelines when configuring your system for use with Logic Pro: Quit other apps when using Logic Pro. Use send effects When using Logic pro x disk too slow free effect plug-ins such as reverbs and delays, you can reduce the load on the Посетить страницу by using send effects. It’s painfully slow to be honest.


Logic ‘Disk Slow’ – Pulling my hair out!!!


When choosing the sample rate for your project, balance the considerations of audio quality, the anticipated format of the final product, and the performance of your Mac. If disk activity is causing system overload alerts, try choosing lower sample rates for your projects. When using CPU-intensive effect plug-ins such as reverbs and delays, you can reduce the load on the CPU by using send effects. Send effects let you use a single plug-in to process signals from multiple channels.

Avoid inserting effect plug-ins on individual tracks in a project. You can also optimize Alchemy for improved performance. Configure your system Follow these guidelines when configuring your system for use with Logic Pro: Quit other apps when using Logic Pro.

Make sure your Mac has the maximum amount of RAM, especially if your projects usually include many plug-ins or multiple instances of the EXS24 sampler. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And yes, it is divided into a partitions It is connected via TB to my mac pro I don’t have it configured as a raid, it’s really 2 3TB drives side by side. The drive I record to does have partitions.

Is that a problem? Thank you kindly for your questions. Hard drive spec. You can try setting the hard drives to never go to sleep but the controller chip inside the enclosure may not respond to that setting. Use your system drive as your current project drive to see if the issue disappear when not involving the external drive.

You can always move finished projects to your 6TB to free up space once you are done. Mac mini 2. Great suggestion I will give that a try. Can I try the same solution you suggested to the topic starter by just placing my projects on an external ssd?

You could do that or you could change the internal drive in your current Mac. You do not need any dedicated SSD to record to. Put in the largest SSD system drive you can buy and record all your projects to it. Use the Lacie as an external.

Sounding like. Maybe it’s my luck. If I had a new Mac pro. I would not use any external drive. Guys – if freezing a lot of tracks usually takes care of my play back problems – does that hint at what the likely culprit is form the list Eric listed? Would I be able to upload a project that often gives me playback problems with tracks unfrozen and see how it runs on your work iMac triplets? Since you seem to have a system very close to mine.

Hi and to chime in, I believe that Eric is right about the lacie, and it doing to sleep, there are technical things you can do to adjust this, I would suggest, first if there are any drivers update them, if there is any firmware for the drive update it.

Speak to lacie ask them if there is any way you can use a hdparams style of app too to adjust the sleep time. Also and concurrently, load the project and resave it, making all the audio a part of the project. The reason is you want to load the project on the local disk drive and also the lacie.

Test each one out while you have the “Activity Monitor” app, open and on the disc tab, what is using all the disc activity, is it logic or is it something else.

Try doing the same thing on the lacie too. Also check you ‘energy’ preferences, is it set to put the disk’s to sleep? To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I updated two days ago to Logic X and I am still having the same problem. I recently formatted my computer. In other words, I’m not using too much memory of my HD.

My Memory Ram is 8GB. Posted on Jul 25, PM. Page content loaded. Are you running your projects from your hard drive? Jul 26, AM. Jul 27, PM in response to swb In response to swb The question is : I never had this problem before when I was using Logic 9 even saving my projects in my internal HD and.

Two weeks ago the problem started still using Logic 9I thought probably was the Logic 9 and that was the reason I decided to updated to Logic X now I have Logic X and I have the same problem.

Jul 27, PM. A week before logic X comes out it starts bugging out Im running 2. Aug 13, PM. Aug 13, PM in response to dandotcraig In response to dandotcraig. Umm, no offence LP9 was working fine and then stopped working normally according to you. Therefore what changed at the time LP9 stopped working normally? If you did, did you then restore from a backup you made prior to these problems occuring and what happened when you did so?

Did you start recording or creating music in a different way to how you used to before the problem started? Reply Helpful 1 Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. Jul 27, PM in response to swb In response to swb Thank you for your answer swb I’m planning to buy an external HD anyway. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post.

User profile for user: dandotcraig dandotcraig. User profile for user: Murray Campbell Murray Campbell. That format option is not available in Disk Utility. Aug 13, PM in response to dandotcraig In response to dandotcraig dandotcraig wrote: A week before logic X comes out it starts bugging out Here’s the thing Here are just a few ideas to think about..

Did you update Logic Pro Did you install any new Apps on your Mac? Did you add a new Hard Drive? How is it formatted? Good luck and let us know how you got on Aug 13, PM in response to Ricardo In response to Ricardo haha your right, ridiculous. I also wanted the melodyn style pitch flex so bad Im currently updating my duet 2 drivers User profile for user: Pancenter Pancenter.

You should not be getting this message, even using internal drives for moderate projects. Press the Go button. Remove the com. Note that if you have programmed any custom key commands, this will reset them to the defaults. You may wish to export your custom key command as a preset before performing this step. See the Logic Pro User Manual for details on how to do this. If you are having trouble with a control surface in Logic Pro. You folks aren’t doing anything foolish like trying to run high sample rates are you?

Obviously my system drive will stay Journaled, as will my Time Machine drive. I will just reformat the external audio drive with journaling off. Nothing to do with my preferences I’m sure. God knows they have been trashed many times for various reasons No control surface to worry about. Problem when using Not sure if you can blame The issue has existed in various forms for years – which takes me “way back” to I do run some pretty seriously CPU taxing projects.

Hopefully reformatting the drive helps, it may or may not. Also, do you think it will make a difference to use firewire instead of USB? I have a to cable that I can use.

If you have a powered USB 2. Some USB 2. It worked fine for a year recording two shows every weekend with the longest set being an hour and a half. Then, suddenly, over the past few months it started getting this error message interrupting the recording 2 or 3 times a set.

This is unusual because it is a overload message during recording of 16 raw audio tracks. There are no effects of software instruments involved. This should not be a strain on either the system or the hard drive. I’ve done everything I can think of to troubleshoot. I tried all the Logic settings, I tried a different hard drive, I tried different cables and cleared 99 Gb of free memory on the system drive.

I didn’t want to upgrade stuff because it was going so well up to that point but I eventually upgraded to El Capitan and the latest update of Logic as a final desperate attempt to solve the problem. It didn’t. If anything El Capitan just gave me more headaches over other things on top of this headache with Logic.

I’ve been through so much troubleshooting and that was the last thing I could think of. Since nothing on the computer appears to be doing anything. I am beginning to suspect a problem either with the mixer or with Logic’s handling of it. Jun 23, PM. Something had to change, a system doesn’t just stop working after a year unless there’s a hardware problem or software was upgraded.

Jun 24, AM. This already occurred to me for that exact reason: Stuff doesn’t just stop working suddenly. I was deliberately not doing any major updates so that I would avoid this so I was always disposed not to update. I am kind of anti-update these days.


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